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Government can’t keep buying land for graves: SACA

The South African Cemeteries Association (SACA) says citizens need to be introduced to alternative burial options.

Chairman of the association Pepe Dass says it’s an uncomfortable conversation we need to have, as eThekwini is among the cities facing chronic burial space shortages.

eThekwini recently hosted a Pan African Cemeteries and Crematoria Conference at the Durban ICC, where the matter was debated.

ECR Newswatch reported that the municipality said, although it is not sustainable to buy new land, cultural and religious beliefs require them to do so. Read here: eThekwini exploring options for more burial space
However, Dass says although some people may be opposed to other burial options for cultural and religious reasons, government can’t keep buying land for graves.

“We should start talking about these issues. There has to be an acceptance that there is this challenge in front of us. It’s not just talk but it’s reality that everyone of us has a responsibility to recognise this and everyone of us has the ability to contribute in someway.”

“Merely by even thinking about it and deciding ‘Well look if this is a challenge how can I contribute, how can I make it easier?’ Because, you are not necessarily making it easier for yourself, you are making it easier for generations to come,” he said.