About Us


The South African Cemeteries Association (SACA) is a non-profit organisation registered with the department of Social Development. SACA plays a pivotal role in entrenching the goals/objectives of making South Africa a dynamic world class country.  We therefore encourage municipalities,  organisations and institutions to support and partner with our initiatives which are driven by sustainable development principles to achieve the  goals of a better South Africa.

SACA is administered and managed by municipal officials. SACA is seeking to align with you in the provision of professional, value added services. This will add greater value and assist you in providing an interment service that is guided by best practices. We urge you to consider obtaining an individual/municipal membership.


Our Vision


To be the leading organisation for the co-ordination of developmental cemeteries and crematoria services in South Africa




To promote continuous improvement in the delivery of cemetery and crematoria services to all communities through South Africa




  • Accessibility
  • Integrity and openness
  • Sustainability
  • Maintain core values
  • Education and training




SACA’s main objective: provide a nationally co-ordinated and developmental cemetery service to all communities in need. SACA’s secondary objective: guide on a standard, uniformed way of ensuring the crematoria/cemetery sustainability. SACA is developing a national policy framework for cemetery services, the respective operations, influence legislation and regulations related to cemetery services.

We support this mission through:

  • Promote and facilitate Stakeholder Participation
  • Provide a platform for the accessibility to information and services
  • Promote sustainable awareness of SACA initiatives
  • Education via communication and training